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Form the Fields 5.31.2017

Posted 5/31/2017 11:45pm by Joe Baughman.

Hi All,
I hope that you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend. I know I did. It was busy as we sold at 3 farmers markets on Saturday and had company in on Sunday and Monday cooked out on the grill and enjoyed listening to the race on the radio. We are still behind on our plantings and feeling the pressure of summer creeping in. The short week does not help but I think the break is good for everyone. I once had a farmer tell me if you ain’t behind you ain’t a farmer. I’m starting to believe there is some truth to that statement. With still 1/3 of our potato planting left, all of or sweet potato planting, and the entire winter squash planting we are definitely feeling the pressure. Next week the forecast looks to be a little drier and perhaps we can make some progress. Most of the crops we have left are the winter storage corps that help supplement the winter farmers markets that we sell at. Due to the wet springs we have had the past 3 years we have really struggled to get these corps planted on time. They are fairly large undertakings compared to some of the other succession plantings we do throughout the spring and summer. With a little luck and some long hours we hope to get it done in the next few weeks.

Planted this week: The 2nd third of or potato corp. we transplanted Basil, cabbage, broccoli, and dill. Seed were red and gold beets, radishes, cucumbers.

In the shares: Greens Salad Mix (a mix of lettuce, spicy greens, and spinach), Kohlrabi (see this week’s recipe), Asparagus (only the half shares will receive this week. Full shares next week) carrots, and chard for the full shares only, scallions (aka green onions), cucumbers and zucchini (we will be mixing these up a bit as we do not have enough of either for all shares, Garlic Scapes. If you are not familiar with these they come off the garlic plant. Dice them up and use them as you would garlic. They are milder than the garlic bulb/clove. See the recipes on our web site for garlic scape uses.


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