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From the Field of Freedom Valley Farm 9.12.14

Posted 9/13/2014 11:44am by Jim Baughman.

Fall is in the air. We are definitely having a taste of fall this week. Windows are open and air conditioning is turned off. Fall clean up and winter planting continues on the farm this week. It’s so nice to see spinach, lettuce, and other greens germinate in just 3 days compared to the poor germination we see though out the summer. Carrots planted recently germinated in 7 days compared to 14 days when planted in mid August. We have also seen the reduction of some insects like the awful flea beetle which chews all those tiny holes in so many of the greens all summer long and cabbage moths are few and far between. We will continue to have some weeds in our growing beds but even weeding is not all that bad in the cooler temperatures also knowing that soon weed pressure will be reduced dramatically. It seems like we have been able to catch our breath a little the past 2 weeks and it has been welcomed indeed.

Chip and Grant started harvesting winter squash and pie pumpkins this week and the crop looks very good and plentiful. Winter squashes and pie pumpkins are better when they are cured for a few weeks after harvest and even better after a few months of storage. You will start to receive different samplings of squash next week and up to the end of the season. Chip made a pie with one of the heirloom pie pumpkins and said it was really good. I have been checking out winter squash recipes and really did not know just how versatile this vegetable is. More on that in the upcoming weeks.

In your shares this week you will have a little taste of fall and a little taste of summer. The fall kale came early and we managed to keep most of the flea beetles off of it. Try this week’s recipe for baked kale chips or sautéed kale. There are also many soup recipes that call for kale that can be found on the internet. For the taste of summer you will receive one of the small Yellow Doll watermelons. Also in the shares this week will be spring mix lettuce, beets, and okra. Full shares will receive some Kohlrabi.

I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and enjoy the milder weather that is in the forecast.

See you at market, Jim

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