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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 10/02/14

Posted 10/2/2014 5:48pm by Jim Baughman.

Hi Folks,

Fall is officially here! We can see the leaves on the trees changing almost daily. The dogwoods, sassafras, and poison ivy vine have all turned a deep red. Sugar maples, persimmon, and others have that yellow to orange hue. We can see the field corn turning from green to yellow with the hard dried ears of corn starting to turn down indicating they will be ready for harvest soon. I think it must be the gradual daily change that makes me enjoy fall so much.

On the farm we can start to see the bare fields again cleared of weeds some already tilled in with a cover crop sown in hopes it will germinate, establish and hold the soil until spring. Irrigation lines are gradually being taken up and the mowing of grass and weeds commences. Butternut squashes have been harvested and all but one of the winter squashes remains in the field. Chip and Grant began digging sweet potatoes this week with a few varieties producing some real whoppers while a few others are just so so. The fall and winter lettuce and greens beds look beautiful with their vibrant green, red and purple colors. I feel I must truly be blessed in order to be able to work the soil and observe on a daily basis the change of season.

In your shares this week it’s time for some hearty soup and delicious fall deserts. Please check out this week’s recipes for Kale Potato Sausage Soup you’ll receive the kale and potatoes in your share. Also see this week’s recipe for Pumpkin Apple Crisp. You will receive a small pie pumpkin in your share. Try making a fresh pumpkin pie, it’s fairly easy with ‘how to’ details available on the internet. Also in your shares you will receive a large bag of spring mix lettuce, Asian greens mix and a butternut winter squash. Butternut squash is great baked or made into a variety of winter soups or stews. Enjoy this season with a taste of fall.

See you at market, Jim

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