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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 11/6/14

Posted 11/6/2014 7:11pm by Jim Baughman.

From The Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 11/6/14

Hello Fall/Winter Members,

Thanks for supporting our farm through the fall/winter season. Your support helps us to continue our winter growing endeavors and efforts to provide fresh organic produce to the local community. ‘All season’ growing is catching on and we are seeing more local farmers experimenting with season extension practices. I welcome and encourage all the farms and farmers that are extending the seasons. Their efforts can provide data and practices for other farmers all while providing fresh locally grown produce to area communities. We have been very busy on the farm throughout October. Being an all season farm makes October one of the busiest times of the year for us. Our winter grown greens are seeded in succession each week and for the most part should be complete by the end of October at the latest. This year we will have 25 beds of various winter greens in our solar passive unheated high tunnels. Each of these beds needs to be watered almost daily and hand weeded at least twice before we start harvesting from them in December. We also have over 40 beds of various crops growing under low tunnels out in the fields these crops are more vulnerable to the weather conditions as they are grown out in the fields covered with cloth and plastic on the coldest nights and days. With the exception of root crops like beets and carrots most of these field crops will be harvested by the end of December and will not survive much past that time depending on the weather conditions.

October also is the time to plant garlic. With the wet fall this year, field work has been difficult but we did get our garlic planting done this past week. This year’s garlic planting is the largest yet. We planted over 8,000 cloves of garlic this year with hopes it will provide over 8,000 bulbs of garlic. After a dismal garlic harvest this year we’re crossing or fingers that this planting will bring us back to the great garlic we have experienced in previous years. In your share this week you can expect to receive beets (fall/winter beets are very sweet great roasted), broccoli and kale (both great for some fall soups), butternut and acorn squash, spring lettuce mix, and green salad mix (Asian greens, baby kale, baby Swiss chard).

Please check our website for great easy recipes!

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