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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 6.14.16

Posted 6/14/2016 6:11pm by Jim Baughman.

Hi Folks,

It’s a happy day on the farm today. As I am writing this farm news blog I’m watching the much needed rain fall. Stuck with four days in row of temperatures over 90 degree and the last rain fall over ten days out I was beginning to get very worried and very weary from late night watering. With day temps in the 90’s and full sunshine it does very little good (and sometimes can be damaging) to water crops during the day. This only leaves us with the last hour of daylight and the first couple hours of daylight for the watering to be effective because it will more or less evaporate or bake the ground so crusty nothing will grow. With night fall not approaching until 10:00 PM these days it has made for some late nights and early mornings the past several days. We direct seeded or winter squashes and pie pumpkins the end of last week with the hope of a few pop up showers to water the seeds and germinate them. The rain went around the farm each for 5 days. With fear of the seeds not germinating and working with a closing window date for winter squash we began the desperate chore of hand watering hundred’s of row feet of planted squash. Each seed had to have a splash of water each evening until we saw signs of germination. A lot of effort but it worked. By Monday morning we started to see plants popping thru the crusted soil. With the much needed rain today we should see them take off beautifully. Chip and Dayton have worked frantically the past 2 days installing irrigation lines in fear we were headed into a real dry spell. It was a job that needed to be done sooner or later but we didn’t expect to need it quite this early. Thankfully it rained and hopefully it will cool off a bit.

Planted the past week on the farm: Butternut, Acorn, and Kabocha Winter Squashes. Pie Pumpkins. Cilantro, Basil, and Green Onions. We transplanted Egg Plant and the last of the Sweet Peppers and Hot Peppers. Our high tunnel tomatoes are looking good with lots of small green tomatoes on them.  We should have sugar snap peas, summer sweet onions, and new potatoes very soon.

In the shares this week: Mesclun Salad Mix (a mix of lettuce, spinach, and any other greens we have growing). Kale, spinach, radishes (see recipe), and zucchini. New this week will be cucumbers make sure to check out the recipes for a nice refreshing  cucumber dish.

As always enjoy, Jim

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