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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 6.21.17

Posted 6/21/2017 7:32pm by Jim Baughman.

Hi Folks,
Some would say summer is finally here. Others, like me, would say I wish I had a few more weeks of spring. Spring is the time when and if you can get your crops in the field in a timely manner things really grow. Most plants need the spring weather to build up a good root system to survive the warmer and dryer days of summer. This year we really seem to be behind on a few of the larger plantings because of the wet May we had and timing of several large down pours of rain. Last week we got the sweet potatoes planted I would say about a month late but they should be okay if we get a few decent rains this summer. Tomorrow we will finish planting our winter squash. Being behind on this one concerns me a bit more due to the fact that we ‘direct seed’ our squash. Meaning we plant the seed directly in the ground where it grows. The seed requires quite a bit of consistent moisture to germinate, something we may not see this time of year. Squash takes about 90 days to mature from germination. This puts us right at or about frost time in the fall. All in all though we have had a good past two weeks on the farm. The crew has been working hard and steady through the heat. We now have all the large field plantings done and can really just start to work on maintaining the crops we have. Summer is here and soon will be the taste of all our labors in the way of those tasty summer crops.

Planted this week: Winter Squash - 5 different varieties this year: Butternut, Acorn, Kubocha Sunshine and Winter Sweet, Burgess Butter Cup, and an heirloom Sweet Winter Pie. Although not a planting we did stake our Heirloom field tomatoes this week. This is a very large undertaking of staking and stringing over 600 tomato plants. Glad that’s done. Also planted were a succession crop of beets.

In your shares: A taste of summer to come. Everyone will receive a small sampling of cherry tomatoes the first of the season not a lot but we harvested what we have and will divide them up in the shares. There will be larger portions in the near future. Also more summer goodness - Cabbage, New Red Potatoes, Kale, Zucchini, Beets (tops removed), and garlic scapes.

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