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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 6.8.2016

Posted 6/8/2016 8:03pm by Jim Baughman.

Of broken tractor and fresh cut hay...

The weather has been beautiful the past week or so. We had a dry out and got rain over the weekend just when we needed it. But you know with farming there is no way you’re going to get the perfect week. It’s always something. Towards the end of last week the tractor broke down. Hoping it was the simple thing, like ran out of fuel (the fuel gauge only works when it wants to), a good fuel up, purge the lines and go. No. Nothing seemed to work. It would not start. Chip is more mechanically inclined then I so we gradually tore into it a few hours a day trying different things and gradually had the tractor tore down in the middle of the field with parts all around. When you have these situations I think it is human nature to think the worse. I think Chip was googling and you tubing everything he could to find answers. Come to find out and just happened upon chance it was something very simple. There used to be a safety kill switch on the seat of the tractor, get off the seat the tractor shuts off, not very practical in the real world of farming. Years ago I bypassed the switch. Well my bypassed wire (located under the seat of the tractor) had come undone not allowing the tractor start. After a few stressful days of tractor down time it’s back to much needed field work.

Oh, I almost forgot the fresh cut hay. As I am writing this letter this evening they are cutting hay on my property. If you have never experienced being around a farm when they are cutting hay it is one of the most wonderful aromas I think there could be. Fresh cut hay smells very sweet but will last for only a few days around the property. A true reward and balance between stress and relaxation.

Planted this week: Not much planting we mostly have been working on cultivating and weed control. The recent rains have really brought on the grasses in the growing beds. We have managed to transplant the Basil to the field and plant our succession plantings of greens like lettuce, spinach and other salad greens. We hope to seed our winter squashes, pumpkins, and melons before the week is out. We are really behind on these crops and the window is just about to close. I think we can just pull it off though.

In your share this week: Gold Beets, Spring Lettuce Mix (see recipe), green onions, and radishes. The Zucchini is coming on and I think we may just have enough for everyone to have one. Good news the Asparagus is finishing strong and I think I’ll have enough for all members to have one more taste of this spring treat. If you do not receive Asparagus this week we will substitute something and get it to you next week.

Note for those that pick up on Sat. We have 90 degree plus weather in the forecast. Please try to pick your share up early at the market. I try really hard to keep the shares as fresh as possible by using ice packs and such but shares sitting out in hot weather at the market can affect the freshness and longevity of the produce inside. Thanks, Jim

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