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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 8.23.17

Posted 8/23/2017 7:32pm by Jim Baughman.

Hi All,
The “Eclipse” has come and gone. In a matter of hours or minutes here and gone. It was without much fanfare here on the farm. Unfortunately we had a cloudy day with severe thunderstorm warnings out to the direct west of us in Illinois just as the eclipse was happening. I have to admit even though we were not in the totality zone it was a bit eerie as the light and temperature diminished in small waves and the earth became quiet. It was a bit like severe weather was coming but not quite the same. I couldn’t see the sun because we had cloud cover but also I did not have a pair of the special glasses for viewing. On a 90 degree very humid day I took advantage of the cooler temperatures and did some extensive field work prepping some beds for carrot planting. It was actually quite pleasant after experiencing a very hot and humid morning to have it cool off with a nice breeze. I worked hard to try and actually seed the carrots to see if the eclipse would have any effect on them but a brief rain shower popped up just as I was to seed plus it was just about at the end of the eclipse. Oh well maybe we will get another chance in seven years with the next eclipse. It is said that the path may be directly over the farm next time.

Planted this week: Carrots, carrots, carrots. As I said last week our winter carrot planting is quite the undertaking we are about one third of the way there a little behind but I feel in pretty good shape. Also planted were winter beets. This year we are dedicating four of our high tunnel inside growing beds to beets. We have grown beets in the winter before but always out in the fields and the results have been subpar. We hope by growing them in one the high tunnels we will have better yields and be able to have them fresh late into the winter. Fall cucumbers were transplanted as well as fall zucchini.

In your shares: We have Green Beans finally. Better late than never. After several failed attempts this year we finally had some come through. Check out this week’s green bean recipe. Also new this week will be pickling cucumbers. These are the cukes you want to pickle although they can be eaten fresh as well. Pickling cucumbers can be eaten or pickled at any size although the larger they get they have more seeds then a slicing cucumber has. Be sure to check out this week’s recipe for refrigerator pickles. It has some helpful tips, and recipes for pickling different types of vegetables not just cucumbers. You will also receive tomatoes, zucchini, and lettuce in this week’s share. As always enjoy the fresh taste of summer.

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