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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm - July 17

Posted 7/17/2014 6:40pm by Jim Baughman.


Wow! What beautiful weather we are having for mid July. I hope everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy at least part of one day or an evening outdoors the past few days. A very rare treat for Indiana residents in mid July. The weather was great for the Tuesday evening farmers market in Bloomington and I enjoyed the evening and the extra crowd it seemed to bring to the market. On the farm we have come to that point where most of the crops that are growing need to harvested daily or every other day. The rain early in the week on Sunday and again on Monday has not allowed us to do much field work but there has been no lack of things to be done. We have been blessed with a great beefsteak tomato crop this year from the early plantings in our high tunnel s. We pick tomatoes pretty much vine ripe (orange/red) every 3 days. They then have to be sorted by size and for defects, wiped cleaned, and put in storage for a few days. After a few days in storage the tomatoes go through another inspection and are packed for CSA, market, or other sales. It becomes almost a continuous process. We can only hope that our heirloom tomatoes in the field do as well. We’ll know in just a few weeks. Other crops that have required almost daily attention are zucchini, cucumbers, okra (just coming on), and green beans that will be in your shares this week. The rains and temperature have been just about right let’s hope it holds till fall.

In your shares this week you won’t see as many items as usual but will receive some nice quantities of what we have. Green beans finally after a few failed crops this year we have our first harvest. Make sure to check out this week’s green bean recipes.

Something new this year is Adirondack Blue Potatoes. That’s right it is blue all the way through and has great flavor. This was an experimental planting and we did not plant a lot of them but after trying some for dinner I would say you’ll see more of them next year. Also in your shares you will receive yet a few more tomatoes then previous weeks including another sampling of the heirloom cherry tomatoes. Enjoy the weather and enjoy the seasonal produce.

See you at market,


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