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From the Fields of Frreedom Valley Farm 8/14/14

Posted 8/14/2014 6:09pm by Jim Baughman.

Hi Folks,

What a beautiful day it was today with the mild weather and finally some sunshine! I have really been enjoying the cool weather in the early mornings. It seems to really make starting the day a little easier. I think I’m to the point I will start complaining about the rain though. After a really soggy past week, and more or less being rained out at last Saturday’s Farmers Market, we started seeing some problems on the farm due to the wet mornings and rainy days with the lack of sunshine. Problems mostly in the way of foliar diseases like powdery mildew on the squash plants, late blight has shown up on some of the tomatoes, and the most unfortunate and discouraging was a black mold called ‘Black leg’ that showed up on the broccoli and cabbage over the weekend. Some cabbage may be salvageable by removing the affected outer leaves at harvest but the broccoli became ruined as most of you Tuesday members know as we had intended to have it in your shares but did not. Most crops need a drying out period after being wet for several hours. The high humidity and morning dew with the lack of sunshine the past 10 days are so has just not allowed them to dry. So we’ll hope for some sunnier days in the upcoming weeks to keep these problems at bay.

Its transition time on the farm. Now is the time we will work the dirt and try to get in as many of the winter root crops like beets, carrots, turnips. As the day light hours continue to decrease and we head toward fall with even cooler temperatures the growing process will slow dramatically in the next 30 days. Crops like carrots are 70 days to maturity from germination this will change to about 90 days this time of year making them harvestable around November, although we will keep them in the ground covered up and only harvest them as needed throughout the winter. Winter transplants of kale, cabbage and broccoli will be planted in the next few days.

This week in your shares you will see a little less variety then most weeks as we are in a slight transition period with crops and we lost a fairly large planting of broccoli and cabbage as I mentioned above. However just because the variety is down does not mean your share will suffer. We dug some really nice German Gold potatoes this week and had quite a few that are baking size. You’ll receive in your share a nice portion of regular size potatoes plus a few bakers. These are my favorite potatoes that do so well for the Crash Potato recipe or parsley potatoes. Also this week you will have a larger than normal portion of green beans. If you feel you have to many green beans to eat this week try freezing some for later use. It’s easy - just blanch the beans in hot boiling water for 2 to 3 mins and then transfer the beans into ice water for 2 to 3 mins, drain, pat them dry and freeze in freezer bags by portion size. You will also receive tomatoes an assortment of heirlooms and some really ripe beefsteak slicers. We are not putting zucchini or eggplant in the shares this week. If you would like a zucchini or an eggplant and I have some left at market, please ask. Other than that we may come up with a surprise or 2 in the next day that can be added in as well.

Hope for some sunshine, Jim

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